Estate Appraisals:

If the intended use of your report is for Estate Settlement or Equitable Distribution purposes, the scope of the assignment expands to meet IRS requirements and any particular need of the executor or bank trust department. These assignments often involve many jewelry items that need to be appraised. For these types of appraisals an hourly rate of $165 per hour is charged.

Estate appraisals require listings of comparable items whenever possible in order to assist the reader (think IRS here) in coming to the same conclusion as the report. These types of reports require more time and research than reports for insurance purposes. A retainer may be required.

Expert Witness and Deposition:

I have experience providing deposition and expert witness services.

Pre – Purchase – Verbal Consultation in my Office:

A paid consultation is done in our office first half hour is free and additional time is billed directly in 10 minute increments at $165 per hour. Payment is due at the end of the appointment.


All local assignments outside our office are billed at a flat rate of $75 in a 40 mile radiuses from are office, distance’s further than 40miles are charged by the hour at the $165 rate. Please take this into consideration when requesting this service.

Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support Services:

These assignments vary and often present refined scheduling problems (beginning and ending times.) They are billed in half-day (4-hour) increments at $225 per hour. A retainer is required and negotiable prior to the assignment. We can provide an estimate of your cost at the beginning of the assignment.